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Outing disability - A photographic journey

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Glad to be out

Georgia [georgia small jpeg.jpg]

“My name is Georgia.  I was born with cerebral palsy.  It has a profound impact on who I am, as does being gay.  People make assumptions about me, like just because I live in an unruly body I am not a sexual being or sexually desirable.  I don’t like how these assumptions infantilise me.  I am proud of my body and my sexuality.  Sex is a human urge.  In recognition of that, we can be viewed as somewhat socially equal.”


Role model

Yvette and Khai [yvette and khai.jpg]

“My name’s Yvette. I’m a mum and I was born with a neural deafness in both ears. I wasn’t out gay until about five years ago. It was big enough for me to be open about my disability, and then to have another thing that put me in a minority group was just like ‘I can’t deal with that!’ But I wanted my son to have a really great role model so I came out and I haven’t looked back.”



Strength of self

Mark [mark.jpg]

“I’m Mark. I’ve got an intellectual disability. I’m blind. My cousin, he knows I’m gay. He told me all about it. He said to me don’t worry about it. I go to the gym a lot. I wouldn’t mind a boyfriend. That’s all I want, a cuddle every night.”


My best friend

Nathan and Aek [nathan and aek.jpg]

“My name is Nathen. Aek and I have been together for just over six years. My disability is fairly recent. I lost my eye in 2012 due to complications from cancer. It doesn’t have to be hard if you have people around you who are supportive.” 

“My name is Aek. To me a person is still a person in any shape and form. We all change sooner or later.”



Bryan [bryan2.jpg]

“My name is Bryan. I’m Deaf, gay and Aboriginal. I grew up in a family that is completely Deaf so it was just natural. I’m lucky in a sense to have those three different intersections and lucky to be very accepted in each of these three different areas.”



Nothing to hide

Meredith [meredith 1.jpg]

“My name is Meredith. I had a large aneurysm when I was 16. In hospital I realised I was probably a lesbian. Being a lesbian and having a disability there’s a double whammy but it’s ok to be both. I want to be real with myself - with my disability and my sexuality. I don’t want to be something that I’m not.”


Strength of the human spirit

Michael [michael.jpg]

 “My name is Michael. I have an intellectual disability and I’m gay. For people with an intellectual disability to be accepted it’s like a building with ramps for people who are in wheelchairs - they put ramps up so the people in wheelchairs can come in. The gay community need to put up some social ramps for us.”


I know who I am

Stephen [stephen.jpg]

 “I’m Steve. I was born in a female’s body. It didn’t occur to me I could be transgender because I’d never heard of it before. Having an intellectual disability doesn’t define who I am. People don’t think someone with intellectual disability will say ‘I’m trans’. What you have in life, it all comes down to knowing who you are.”



Anthony [anthony 2.jpg]

 “I’m Anthony. I was born gay. In the evenings I go out to the city where there are a lot of drag shows. Everyone dresses up like I do. One day I want to get married. I can’t wait!”


Stephen & Lisa

Steve [steve 2.jpg]

“I am a cross dresser and I have an intellectual disability. I do a lot of wearing of girl’s clothes. My family don’t agree with it, that’s their choice. I look good and feel good when I have makeup and a wig on. If you aren’t strong in what you believe you are going to be useless. I’m not useless. I’m not past my use by date.”


The kiss

Rebecca Jamayaha [rebecca jamayaha.jpg]

 “I kissed her and that’s how everything bloomed. Our rights are diminished because we have intellectual disability and we are bisexual, but we deserve our rights to be respected and understood. We are both very proud of who we are and we won’t let anybody destroy that.”



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