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Untold Stories - Cervical Cancer Screening


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Untold Stories: Cervical Cancer Screening presents a series of audio visual 'stories' based on real life experiences of everyday people.

Gathered from interviews with women from different cultural backgrounds, this digital storytelling project features culturally diverse women sharing their experiences of cervical cancer screening in both their first language and English.

Spoken in  Arabic, Assyrian, Dari, French, Hindi, Karen, Khmer,  Mandarin, Nepalese, Turkish and Vietnamese the firsthand accounts dispel some common misconceptions about cervical cancer screening (Pap tests) and encourage all women to take care of their reproductive health through regular Pap tests.

While Untold Stories is for all women, it was developed specifically for women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds where the impact of cultural beliefs on health promotion can play an important role.

Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in women worldwide. In Australia, cervical cancer rates have fallen thanks to an effective screening program but the incidence rate remains higher in many groups of overseas born women. Lower uptake of cervical cancer screening is the likely cause for this observed discrepancy.

Untold Stories encourages regular testing for this preventable disease that can impact not just the individual, but also the family, family reputation, kinship and privacy.

Untold Stories: cervical cancer screening

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Amale - Arabic

Amale - English

Aylin - Arabic

 Aylin - English

Miriam - Assyrian

 Miriam - English

Najeeba - Dari

 Najeeba - English

Liliane - French

Liliane - English

Shalinee - Hindi

 Shalinee - English

Jeap - Karen

 Jeap - English

Saloeun - Khmer

 Saloeun - English

Linda - Mandarin

 Linda - English
Ling - Mandarin

Ling - English

Tulasha - Nepalese

Tulasha - English

Sevi - Turkish

Sevi - English

Chau - Vietnamese

Chau - English



Cervical cancer screening with Dr Deborah Bateson

Pap tests

HPV Vaccine


For more information about cervical cancer screening:

Read the Family Planning NSW Pap Test Fact Sheet TESTS.pdf

Visit the Cervical Screening NSW website

Download the 'When did you last have a Pap smear?' brochure in languages other than English