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Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is most common vaginal syndrome in women, and it is most often associated with sexual contact. There is strong evidence to indicate reinfection from partners is contributing to the high rates of BV recurrence post-treatment, and that treating male partners is important in preventing recurrence.

Family Planning NSW is participating in the study Step Up to better understand female treatment alone vs. female and male treatment for prevention of BV recurrence. This will be the first trial to determine whether oral and topical antibiotic treatment of male partners of women being treated for BV reduces BV recurrence.

We are seeking women with recurrent BV and who have male partners willing to be part of the BV treatment process and this study. If you are 18 years and older, have recurrent BV, in a monogamous relationship with a male partner for over 2 months, are not currently being treated for BV, and are interested in being part of this study, we'd love to hear from you.

Please note we are recruiting for this study at the following FPNSW clinics: Newington, Penrith and Newcastle.

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Family Planning NSW Ethics Committee (#R2019-06).


Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and Monash University

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If you think this this may be of interest to you or you would like more information about the study, please contact the Step Up Study team at the Melbourne Sexual Health centre or (E)

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