Developing Supervision Models for HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health Promotion

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Overview of Study

The aim of this study was to develop, trial and evaluate three (3) supervision models for HIV/Sexual Health Promotion.
Group supervision was conducted with 3 to 8 group members, facilitated by a supervisor. Members presented their cases/issues and could give and receive support and feedback within the group.

Reflective Model Supervision was carried out one-on-one, with a supervisor and supervisee. These meetings were used to discuss and achieve professional, personal and organisational goals. The supervisor provided management, education, support and meditation to the supervisee.

Triadic supervision was conducted within 2 or 3 members who had significant experience in health promotion. The group members rotated roles, so each member had a turn at being the supervisee, the facilitator and being a commentator. The model focuses on reflection and analysis of practice.

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