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10 September 2017
Death by embarrassment. It shouldn't happen to women - but it does
Paula Goodyer, Sydney Morning Herald

"Vulval cancer is relatively rare but it happens – about 300 women are diagnosed each year – and I've seen women with quite advanced vulval cancer who've been too embarrassed to tell their doctor about symptoms. There might be a lot of explicit images of women's genitals online yet young women are often still uncomfortable about seeing a doctor, says Dr Deborah Bateson, Medical Director of Family Planning NSW.

29 August 2017
A Practical Guide To Finding A Contraceptive That Works For You
Matilda Dixon-Smith, Junkee

“People don’t necessarily have all the information they need about the options for contraception,” explains Dr Mary Stewart, the Senior Medical Officer in Research and Education at Family Planning NSW. “The pill is very much in people’s minds when it comes to contraception in Australia.”


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