We recognise the important role teachers play in helping students and young people learn about reproductive and sexual health and we’ve developed a range of programs, courses and resources to help support teachers.


Our courses include workshops for primary schools teachers, secondary schools teachers and those teaching the PDHPE curriculum for students with disability, gender diverse and same sex attracted students. Courses for teachers

Teaching Resources

Contraceptive guide Contraceptive Guide - 2nd Edition

This brand new, full colour guide is an excellent resource for both teachers and clinicians to help facilitate sexuality and relationship education. This handy guide is an up-to-date and visually appealing resource.

Included are photographs of each contraceptive method currently available in Australia and information on each method's use, efficacy, benfits & downsides, side effects and sources.
Contraception Kit Contraception Kit

The complete kit for hands-on teaching and learning about contraception.

Sexually Transmissible Infection Kit *NEW*

Our brand new kit for hands-on teaching and learning about sexually transmissible infections; includes up-to-date information and real examples of testing equipment and methods of protection. Complete with a Teacher's Guide containing information and lesson plans to support you to use this resource effectively with the young people you work with.

STI Flip Chart

Sexually Transmissible Infection Guide (flip chart) *NEW*

Our brand new Sexually Transmissible Infection Guide is an excellent resource for teachers, youth workers and health workers to help facilitate sexual health and relationship education.

Safe Sex Packs Safe Sex Packs

Youth friendly safe sex packs encourages safer sexual behaviours to prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancy. Designed by FPNSW, the packs contain on condom, one lube sachet and instructions.
Talkline Talkline "Just Ask Us" Poster

This slimline poster can be displayed around schools to give students confidential acces to sensitive questions.

Our BodyTalk website, specifically designed for young people, is an invaluable resource for young people, parents and teachers. It is designed to address some of the common concerns young people have about their bodies, providing them with accurate information about reproductive and sexual health

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