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Family Planning NSW has a strong history of achievement in research and research translation. The Family Planning NSW Research Centre leads and collaborates with universities and other research institutions on clinical and population health research, and we have extensive experience leading our own research studies. We also conduct rigorous evaluations of all our work to continuously improve the quality of all our services and programs.

The relationship that Family Planning NSW has with clients places us in an ideal position to understand and identify emerging sexual and reproductive health issues, and advocate for improved sexual and reproductive health in the community. Our staff are experts in the field, and provide a wide range of services including clinical services, health promotion, education and training. We have the capacity to recruit research participants from clinics, community groups and health / allied health professionals who attend our training, and can promote translation of research outcomes into practice.

Click here to see some examples of our Research Studies and Research Publications.

Benefits to you

Benefits of partnering with Family Planning NSW in research:

  • Leading experts in reproductive and sexual health
  • Respected organisation with over 30 years’ experience in research
  • Five clinical sites across NSW
  • Experienced at recruiting patients and health professionals
  • Independent organisation
  • Established networks
  • Family Planning NSW Ethics Committee

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You can contact us for further information at

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