Family Planning NSW strives for excellence in research and in the evaluation of our reproductive and sexual health services.

Our research guides medical professionals, government and other decision making bodies on best practice reproductive and sexual health service delivery as well as our own clinical practice. Our evidence based approach is applied to all areas of our work, from assessment of need to project evaluation.

Our research and evaluation is undertaken by our Sydney Centre for Reproductive Health Research and our research, monitoring and evaluation unit.

The Sydney Centre for Reproductive Health Research

Research Division of Family Planning NSW

The Sydney Centre for Reproductive Health Research, established in 1990, has an international reputation for its commitment to a high standard of research into reproductive and sexual health.

The Centre undertakes research on reproductive health issues such as development of new contraceptive methods, management of female sexual disorders and gynaecological problems such as excessive menstrual bleeding.

It has collaborated on many international multi-centre studies with reputable non-profit organisations such as The World Health Organization and The Population Council in New York.

The Centre conducts clinical studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies as well as collaborating on research projects with other universities and scientific institutions. It has been a participating organisation in studies which have attracted a number of international and Australian research grants.

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (RME)

Family Planning NSW undertakes monitoring and evaluating of our services to ensure effective service delivery. The RME Unit is skilled in biostatistics, epidemiology, data management and data linkage and plays a key role in gathering, analysing and disseminating reproductive and sexual health data for use by governments, professional colleges, health practitioners and the community.

The data are used to inform planning for service delivery, establishing benchmarks of best practice and informing government about key issues in reproductive and sexual health. The Unit also has a research management role, including providing support to the Family Planning NSW Ethics Committee and guiding Family Planning NSW staff in the development of research proposals.

Translating research into practice: Family Planning NSW Research Plan 2014-2018

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