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Love and Kisses - The DVD

Love & Kisses / the videos - Relationships and sexuality featuring people with disability

Love and Kisses / the videos are a positive look at the intimate lives of people with disability. Personal stories are told through drama and interviews and reveal the joys and heartbreak of love, sex and relationships. The scenes were developed and performed by actors with disability from the Altogether Drama group.

People with disability, teachers, students, family and staff will enjoy these videos, but is is for everyone who believes in the right of people with disability to have happy, safe and fulfilling relationships.

Scene 1 - What's on the menu? What NOT to do on a first date


Scene 2 - Sex and the Steel City: Safe sex



Scene 3 - That night: We want to get married



Scene 4 - Get your rod out: Sex in private not public



Interviews and reflections

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