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Family Planning NSW seeking 500 women to use the female condom and provide their feedback

March 11, 2019

Family Planning NSW is conducting a study to better understand women's views about the female condom. Family Planning NSW Medical Director Dr Deborah Bateson said the study would provide important information that would help grow our understanding about preferences and user experiences with the female condom, which can be used both for contraception and to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

"Female condoms are not widely used in Australia. We'd love to better understand women's views and experiences to help us provide the best advice to clients seeking reproductive and sexual health care," said Dr Bateson.

The study needs 500 women to try the female condom with their sexual partner and then provide their feedback via an anonymous online survey.

To get started, volunteers can register their interest and confirm their eligibility by completing a short online survey. Women will then be posted three female condoms to use, or can choose to pick these up from their local Family Planning NSW clinic.

"Female condoms are an alternative to male condoms in being able to prevent unintended pregnancy as well as STIs and this study will help us understand what women in Australia (and their partners) actually think of them," Dr Bateson said.

To learn more about the study or to register interest, please go to bit.ly/femalecondomstudy.

For more information, go to link above or contact the Family Planning NSW Research Centre at researchcentre@fpnsw.org.au.


For more information contact:

0402 880 653 | media@fpnsw.org.au

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