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NSW Pro-Choice Alliance Partners React To Cross-Party Bill News

A cross-party bill aiming to decriminalise abortion in NSW has been lauded by NSW Pro-Choice Alliance campaign manager Sinead Canning.

"With support from across parliament for this historic reform, we have the chance to remove abortion from the Crimes Act and finally move our state into the 21st Century.

"NSW residents who access or assist with an abortion do so under the risk that they could be jailed for up to a decade - which is the same as it was 119 years ago

"It is time we followed the example set by our neighbours, Victoria and Queensland and decriminalise abortion. NSW is ready for this change."

Family Planning NSW's Medical Director, Dr Deborah Bateson, said the proposed legislation would mean health professionals could provide abortion care to patients without fear of prosecution.

"The current laws restrict doctors from providing a full range of reproductive health services and make it difficult for women to access the care they need," Dr Bateson said.

"If this bill is successful, it will mean health professionals can finally care for patients without fear of prosecution under 119-year-old laws."

CEO of Women's Health NSW, Denele Crozier, said that women's health centres across the state were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year assisting women access abortions privately after being turned away by GPs or their local public hospital.

"Our centres are the first port of call for women that can't afford to pay for an abortion," Ms Crozier said.

"Improving women's access to this important healthcare procedure is one of the greatest opportunities under the decriminalisation laws about to come before NSW Parliament this week." Ms Crozier said.

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