PROMINENT NSW citizens have come out in support of abortion decriminalisation - signing on to publicly support the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill before it returns to the NSW Upper House next Tuesday.

Company directors, arts leaders, religious ministers and judges are among the prominent citizens to come forward and urge parliament to support the bill in its present form.

The support comes ahead of a rally this Saturday in Hyde Park where members of the public will call for NSW politicians to trust women and treat abortion as healthcare.

Justice Elizabeth Evatt AC, who was the first judge of the Family Law Court, is among the prominent citizens to support the reform. She said abortion access and equity was an issue she had tracked through her career and especially since her role as Commissioner of the Royal Commission into Human Relationships 1974-76, which was the first real national inquiry into abortion.

"These 119-year-old-laws are long overdue for reform. We have been urging this change for 50 years. It is high time we stopped the criminalisation of women and doctors and improved healthcare," Justice Evatt said.

Renata Kaldor AO, Former Chair of The NSW Women's Advisory Council said "This is not a political issue, this is a health rights issue. There is a lot of scaremongering when it comes to abortion. The fact is 1 in 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime and those women and their doctors deserve a safe and regulated health care regime to support them to make informed decisions.

Jillian Broadbent AO, prominent and respected company director said, "We have to move into the 21st century and support this long overdue Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill."

NSW Pro-Choice Alliance Chair Wendy McCarthy welcomed the support saying it was important leaders took a stand in support of women and their healthcare.

"Abortion can be a very emotive issue and as we have seen through the NSW decriminalisation debate, confusion and misinformation can rage without the input of trustworthy, prominent and expert leaders," Ms McCarthy said.

"These eminent citizens are all prominent not only in their own industry but also across the wider community. I am delighted to see them standing in support of the one in four NSW women who will have an abortion and standing by those women who have felt disrespected, shamed and trivialised by the current abortion debate."


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Helen Bauer - Private citizen

Jennifer Bott AO - Arts manager

Antoinette Braybrook - CEO, Djirra

Jillian Broadbent AO - Company director

Elizabeth Broderick AO - Private citizen

Barbara Cail AO - Private citizen

Penny Carl-Nelson - Private citizen

Justice Elizabeth Evatt AC - First judge of the Family Law Court and Commissioner of the Royal Commission into Human Relationships 1974-76 which was the first real national inquiry into abortion

Cassandra Goldie - CEO, Australian Council of Social Service

Revd Simon Hansford - Moderator, Synod of NSW and the ACT, Uniting Church in Australia

Catherine Harris AO - company director

Jane Jose - Author

Renata Kaldor AO - Former Chair of The NSW Women's Advisory Council

Helen Lynch AO - Private citizen

Elizabeth Ann MacGregor OBE - Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Wendy Machin - Patron Regional Opportunities Australia

Rev Dr Margaret Mayman - Minister, Pitt Street Uniting Church

Julie McCrossin AM - Member, South Sydney Uniting Church

Sam Mostyn - Non executive director

Joanna Quilty - CEO, NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS)

Jane Schwager AO - Non executive director

Anne Summers AO - Journalist and Author

Mary Vallentine AO - Arts Manager

Claudia Karvan - Actor

Kathleen Conlon - Non executive director

Dr Lisa O’Brien - CEO Smith Family, CEW

Marika Calfas - individual capacity

Yasmin Allen - Non executive director

Anna Funder - Writer

Helen Rowell - Deputy Chair, APRA

Sue Cato - Partner, Cato & Clegg

Anastasia Clarke - CFO, The GPT Group

Nicola Wakefield Evans - Non executive director

Claerwen Little - National Director Uniting Care

Violet Roumeliotis - CEO Settlement Services International

Nicki Hutley - Private citizen

Lyn Morgain - Private citizen

Dolla S. Merrillees - CEW Member

Anne Loveridge - Non executive Director

Melinda Conrad - Non executive director

Catherine Brenner - Non executive director

Dr Kerryn Phelps AM - GP and Former President AMA

Maxine Brenner - Non executive director

Wendy McCarthy AO - Chair NSW Pro Choice Alliance

Adj. Professor Ann Brassil - CEO Family Planning NSW

Moya Dodd - former Matilda

Claire Mallinson - National Director Amnesty International Australia

Pamela Pearce - Private citizen

Robyn Sexton - Private citizen

Diana Ryall AM MAICD

Professor Larrissa Behrendt

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