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Let’s Talk: Positive Puberty

Course description

This course builds the capacity of Stage 2, 3 and 4 teachers to provide engaging, evidence-based education about puberty.  The course takes a positive, strength-based approach to talking about the changes that occur during puberty and advocates for a holistic and whole-of-school approach to puberty education.

This interactive session supports educators to develop their confidence in teaching about the physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty. It also addresses the impact on pre-teens and young adolescents as they prepare for and experience puberty. The content includes aspects of wellbeing, body image, developing sexuality, friendships and relationships.

The course features practical examples of hands-on teaching strategies and learning activities linked to syllabus outcomes, with an emphasis on creating supportive and inclusive learning environments.  Participants will also receive a list of recommended resources for educators and students as well as examples of materials for communication with parents and carers.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe strategies for a positive and inclusive approach to teaching about puberty
  • Apply strategies to support students to explore the physical, social and emotional changes, which occur during puberty and ways to manage the changes
  • Support students to reflect on factors which influence formation of identity and personal choices during puberty, such as body image and gender expectations 
  • Access a range of learning activities and resources to teach puberty topics Identify and recommend reliable sources of information for students and families

Who should attend?

  • Stage 2, 3 and 4 PDHPE teachers
  • Staff in wellbeing and support roles
  • School counsellors, year advisors and staff in leadership positions
  • Casual teachers and pre-service teachers

Course structure


One session of 1.5 hours

Course structure

The webinar is an interactive learning experience, and it includes opportunities for professional discussion and to participate in learning and reflection activities.

Participants will receive a workbook containing interactive classroom activities and resources for use with students.

Technical requirements

  • Individual computer or other device to use during the session
  • Internet access
  • A webcam or video camera in the device
  • Microphone and speakers in headphones or computer

Eligibility / Prerequisite

Teachers working with students in years 4-8 or currently working towards a qualification to do so. The course is also open to staff working in school welfare, health, wellbeing and leadership roles. 

Participants need access to a PC or laptop with a working camera and microphone as this is an interactive course.  Phones are not recommended. 

Course cost

2023 course fees are funded by NSW Health and Local Health Districts, and will be delivered at no cost to eligible NSW participants.

Participants are provided with a workbook, which includes classroom activities and resources

Courses delivered for groups on request are priced on a cost recovery basis - please contact us for a quote.

Recognition / Accreditation

 Participants will receive a Statement of Attendance.

Further information

Contact: Education Team

Phone: 1300 372 372 press 3 then 1

Email: education@fpnsw.org.au

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