Statistical reports

Adolescent Fertility in New South Wales 2011-2020 Report cover

Memari, A., Cheng, Y., McGeechan, K. Adolescent Fertility in New South Wales Australia: 2011-2020. Family Planning Australia: Newington, NSW Australia 2022

Contraception Monograph 2005-2018 cover

Wright S, Bateson D, McGeechan K. Induced Abortion in Australia: 2000-2020. Family Planning NSW: Ashfield, NSW Australia 2021

Contraception Monograph 2005-2018 cover

Wright S, Concepcion K, McGeechan K. Contraception in Australia 2005-2018. Sydney: Family Planning NSW, 2020

Teenage Fertility in NSW 2007-2016 cover

Cheng Y., McGeechan K. Teenage Fertility in NSW: 2007-2016. Sydney: Family Planning NSW, 2019

Fertility_monograph_cover.jpg Cheng Y., McGeechan K. Fertility in Australia 2004-2014. Sydney: Family Planning NSW, 2017

Family Planning NSW. Reproductive and sexual health in Australia. Ashfield, Sydney: FPNSW, 2013.


Newman P, Morrell S, Black M, Munot S, Estoesta J, Brassil A. Reproductive and sexual health in New South Wales and Australia: differentials, trends and assessment of data sources. Sydney: Family Planning NSW, 2011.

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