Sexual health care providers and specialist in NSW

We have provided some contact numbers and web addresses to help you with advice, information and a range of health services. You can also try your local community health centre, doctor, nurse or health worker. Most states have women's health centres, youth health centres and Aboriginal medical centres. Your phone book may have a community help page listing local health, legal and information services.

Family Planning Centres
Family Planning NSW
Other Family Planning Organisations
Sexual Health Centres
Women's Information & Referral Lines
AIDS Councils
HIV/AIDS Information Lines
Positive Heterosexuals HIV/AIDS (Pozhet) service
NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service
Multicultural HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C service (MHAHS)
General Practice Registrars Australia Ltd (GPRA)
Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service
Kids Help Line
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Health Sites
Andrology Australia
Australasian Menopause Society
Jean Hailes Foundation for Women's Health

Family Planning Centres

Family Planning clinics provide contraception and fertility advice, sexual health checks and information, pregnancy tests, Cervical Screening Tests and breast checks, counselling services. We have listed a Family Planning Centre in each State and Territory; call them for the location of the centre closest to you.

Family Planning NSW

328-336 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield NSW 2131
02 8752 4300
Family Planning NSW operates a telephone and email information and advisory service called Healthline that is staffed by experienced nurses. They are available to answer all your reproductive and sexual health questions and provide further referrals if necessary.
Healthline 1300 658 886 (TTY for deaf is 02 8752 4360)
Operates Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. NSW callers pay only the cost of a local call.
The Healthline email service is available here.

Other Family Planning Organisations

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT
02 6247 3077

Family Planning QLD
07 3252 0240

Family Planning Welfare NT
08 8948 0144

Family Planning South Australia
(now known as SHINE - Sexual Health Information, Networking and Education)
08 8431 5177

Family Planning Tasmania
03 6228 5244

Family Planning Victoria
03 9257 0100

Family Planning Western Australia
08 9227 6177

Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia (SHFPA)
SHFPA is the national voice of the above family planning organisations and represents them on sexual and reproductive health issues at national and international levels.
02 6230 5255

Sexual Health Centres

There are lots of sexual health centres which provide a range of testing, treatment, information and counselling services. We have listed one in each State and Territory, but check out the phone book for the one closest to you.

Sydney Sexual Health Centre
02 9382 7440

The Gilmore Clinic
02 6244 2184

Clinic 34
08 8922 8007

Brisbane Sexual Health Clinic
07 3227 7091

Clinic 275
08 8226 6025

Sexual Health Branch
03 6233 3557

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
03 9347 0244

Communicable Diseases Service
08 9224 2178

Women's Information & Referral Lines

These services provide information and referrals to health and community services in each State and Territory.

NSW   Freecall 1800 817 227 (TTY for deaf 1800 673 304)
ACT    02 6205 1076 or 6205 1075
NT     Freecall 1800 813 631
QLD   Freecall 1800 017 382
SA      Freecall 1800 188 158
Tas    Freecall 1800 675 028
VIC    Freecall 1800 136 570
WA    Freecall 1800 199 174 or 08 9264 1900

AIDS Councils

AIDS Councils are community-based organisations that provide a range of services including counselling, treatment advice, support services and information.

NSW    AIDS Council of NSW (ACON)
02 9206 2000     TTY (02) 9283 2088

ACT    AIDS Action Council of the ACT (AACACT)
02 6257 2855

NT    Northern Territory AIDS Council (NTAC)
08 8941 1711

QLD    Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC)
07 3844 1990

SA    AIDS Council of South Australia (ACSA)
08 8362 1611

TAS    Tasmanian Council on AIDS & Related Diseases (TasCARD)
03 6234 1242

VIC    Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre (VAC/GMHC)
03 9865 6700

WA    Western Australian AIDS Council (WAAC)
09 9429 9900

HIV/AIDS Information Lines

Confidential advice and information over the phone.

Across Australia    AFAO Health Information Line
Freecall 1800 803 806

NSW    Albion Street
Freecall 1800 451 600

ACT     AIDS Action Council
02 6257 2855

NT     Call the NT AIDS Council
08 8941 1711

Qld     Information Line
Freecall 1800 177 434

SA     AIDS Country Line
Freecall 1800 888 559

TAS     AIDSLine
Freecall 1800 803 806

VIC     AIDSLine
Freecall 1800 133 392

WA     Information Line
08 9429 9944

Positive Heterosexuals HIV/AIDS (Pozhet) service

Pozhet is the lead agency in NSW addressing issues related to HIV and heterosexuality. They organise events, provide support, and have a range of resources available at their website.

NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service

Provides information and services to assist health professionals to communicate with non English speaking communities throughout NSW. Multilingual health resources, are availabe on the website.
Phone: 02 9816 0347

Multicultural HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C service (MHAHS)

This website provides HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C information in a range of community languages as well as English, and more about their service.

General Practice Registrars Australia Ltd (GPRA)
PO Box 7292,  St Kilda Rd VIC 8004
Phone: 1300 131 198

Gay and Lesbian Counselling Services

NSW  02 9207 2800 / Freecall 1800 184 527  
ACT Gay - 02 6247 2726 / Lesbian - 02 6247 8882  
NT Mensline Freecall 1800 181 888  
QLD    07 3017 1717  
SA       08 8362 3223  
TAS    03 6234 8179  
VIC     03 9510 5488  
WA      08 9328 9044  



Lifeline provides free and confidential support and advice. Anyone can ring Lifeline about any issue to speak to a trained volunteer.
Phone: 13 11 14

Kids Help Line

Freecall 1800 551 800
For young people from anywhere in Australia, 24 hours toll free.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Health Sites

The Health Report

ABC Health & Wellbeing

Andrology Australia

Andrology Australia is a community and professional education programme providing information on male reproductive health.

Australasian Menopause Society (AMS)

Since 1988 the AMS has been at the forefront of new directions in women's health and aims to bring accurate, evidence-based information to health professionals and the community.

The Jean Hailes Foundation for Women's Health

This Victorian organisation responds to the needs of women through excellence in research, community and professional education and clinical care.Their primary focus is the health and wellbeing of Australian women aged 35 years and over.

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