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The subject of sexuality is generally a silent, ignored and invisible aspect of the lives of people with disability. It's a subject that governments have largely failed to acknowledge and in doing so make the necessary changes that ensure people with disability have the opportunity to participate in loving, safe and fulfilling sexual relationships.

The responsibility for implementing change does not only rest with governments. Change is also required within schools and educational institutions, disability service providers, reproductive and sexual health services, and public and private clinical settings.

Change is also required in the way the general community sees a person with disability. If the sexuality of a person with disability remains silent, ignored and invisible then society will continue to deny the reproductive and sexual health and needs and aspirations of people with disability.

As the leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services in NSW, our role is to give voice to the rights of people with disability to make choices about their reproductive and sexual health.

Our role is to highlight the areas where action is required because we believe the sexuality of a person with disability should be celebrated not ignored.

You can read more about how we promote reproductive and sexual rights in our new document ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, LISTEN: our 2021-2023 plan for supporting the reproductive and sexual rights of people with disability.

This document is available to download in two versions:



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