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Digital stories shine light on multicultural health

04 October 2018

Family Planning NSW has launched eight short videos that aim to break down concerns about accessing reproductive and sexual health care within the multicultural community.

Launched at Fairfield Community Hall today, the videos tell true stories of clients from across south west Sydney, who have used Family Planning NSW services for their own reproductive and sexual health needs.

Senior Health Promotion Officer Stephanie Ross said interviewing clients from suburbs like Fairfield, Bonnyrigg Heights, Bossley Park and Canley Vale highlighted real issues and stigmas that can exist within culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) when accessing reproductive and sexual health services or information and she was excited to see these stories come to life in the short videos.

“Clients are telling us they simply don’t know where to get this healthcare and there are still a lot of barriers and fears for them about walking into a Family Planning NSW clinic or other health provider to get reproductive and sexual health advice,” Ms Ross said.

“These videos aim to to create positive attitudes towards talking about reproductive and sexual health so men and women from these communities can access the very best care without fear or worry.”

“Family Planning NSW provides confidential healthcare to people from all cultural backgrounds and we hope the videos will increase understanding in these multicultural communities around key reproductive and sexual health issues, service awareness and access.”

The videos have been developed in community languages including Arabic, Mandarin, and Vietnamese to make them accessible to people who have low English literacy.

The client stories focus on a range of reproductive and sexual health issues including contraception, cervical screening and testing for sexually transmissible infections.

One video features the story of Priscilla, a Maori woman who has been using Family Planning NSW services for 35 years for contraception, cervical screening and now menopause. She now brings her daughter and emphasises that access to information and support means that people are better able to make the right decisions for their own health.

“Working with CALD communities, listening to their experiences, and wants and needs, is the best place to start to create positive attitudes towards reproductive and sexual health,” Ms Ross said.

“We also want to make accessing our services as easy as possible by providing friendly and non-judgmental services, with resources in languages other than English and interpreter services.”

The videos can be viewed on the Family Planning NSW website and will be distributed through social media, community education and community service providers.

Family Planning NSW have a suite of reproductive and sexual health resources for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds including people with low literacy. These resources can be accessed on the Family Planning NSW website or online shop.

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