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Supporting decision making in sexuality for people with intellectual disability

Course description

Supported decision making is a model for supporting people with intellectual disability to make their own decisions with support from others.  However, in the area of sexuality and relationships, many people with intellectual disability are still denied the ability to make their own decisions. They are often over-protected and not allowed to have life experiences that include taking risks, which are part of human development.

Sexualised Behaviours of Concern and Intellectual Disability

Course description

Sexual behaviours occur along a continuum from curious and explorative to coercive and harmful. This webinar will explore sexualised behaviours of concern (SBoC) in people with intellectual disability. It aims to identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviours, the common reasons for why these behaviours occur and strategies that workers can use to respond to and de-escalate behaviours.  The webinar is open to anyone working in the disability sector who seeks to understand why behaviours occur and how best to respond. 

Sex Safe and Fun

Sex, Safe and Fun is a resource pack for teaching people with intellectual disability about positive safe sex messages

Planning Pregnancy and Pregnancy Choices

Having a baby is a big decision. It is useful for women to talk to other mothers about the good things and the difficult things about having a baby before deciding to have a baby. It is up to the woman to decide if she wants to have a baby or not. Talking with family and friends can help with her decision.

Supporting People with Disability to Access the Sex Industry

Course description

This course is designed to enable service providers to sort fact from fiction, develop knowledge on duty of care, address barriers and make referrals when supporting a person with disability to use the services of the sex industry.

Topics covered include:

Other Locations

Family Planning Australia conducts outreach clinics through partnerships with a range of NSW organisations across the state. The current outreach clinic locations are Blacktown, Cobar, Campbelltown and Nyngan.

Outing disability - A photographic journey

This page provides an overview of the Outing Disability project, associated resources, and upcoming exhibitions. It also houses the audio descriptions for the Outing Disability photos.

Outing Disability - Exhibition Posters

Order posters from the Outing Disability exhibition.

Being a Healthy Woman Factsheets

Being A Healthy Woman: an educational resource for women with intellectual disabilities, their families, healthcare providers, their carers and support workers.

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