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What Suits Me? Contraception Options for Girls and Guys

What Suits Me 2014 edition [whatsuitsme 2014 cover 1.png]

What Suits Me? Contraception Options for Girls and Guys is Family Planning NSWs premier resource about contraception, for 14-24 year olds.

With its bright styling and easy to navigate format, this resource was written and designed in consultation with young audiences to help ensure it delivers the most pertinent and valuable information.

What Suits Me? has 32 pages full of tailored content about each contraceptive method for young people. The methods include:

  • male condom
  • female condom
  • contraceptive pills
  • vaginal ring
  • contraceptive implant
  • contraceptive injection
  • IUDs
  • diaphragm
  • emergency contraception
  • plus more

Readers will find each method presents youth specific information about characteristics such as:

  • pros and cons for young consumers
  • side-effects
  • STI prevention capacity
  • effectiveness rates  

What Suits Me? also addresses the important issues of access to contraception, confidentiality and the often tricky topic of sex and healthy relationships.

If you work with or in a place frequented by 14-24 year olds, you will find What Suits Me? is a valuable resource to have at the ready. It is useful for:

  • youth workers
  • sexual health workers
  • high school PDHPE teachers
  • S&RH Health Promotion workers
  • doctors or nurses with young clientele
  • counselors
  • client waiting areas

The booklet is DL size. Suitable for: NSW, Australia.

Download as PDF 

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For more information about resources and services for young people, please contact:

Health Promotion

Phone: (02) 8752 4300


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