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Young people and relationships

The information provided is based on An Intergalactic Guide to Relationships, a project initiated by Central Coast Health.

Having a relationship can be a great experience, but maintaining a relationship may not always be easy. The beginning of a relationship can be romantic and everything may seem perfect. Romantic love may be exciting and you may feel that you have found 'the one'.

There may also be times when you feel that your relationship has a few problems. It might still feel OK and that you can work things out, even though it seems tough at the time.

You may feel as though you love someone, but the other person is not ready or prepared to commit to a relationship with you at this stage.

You may know that this relationship is not working and you may feel the need to end it.

You may want to check out the fact sheet - Assessing Your Relationship for more information.

Changes in a relationship

Two people meet, are attracted to each other and fall in love for a whole range of reasons. Sometimes though, relationships change for just as many reasons. When changes happen in a relationship, we might have a lot of feelings, depending on whether the changes are what we expect or want to happen, or not.

A relationship might feel like it is not going the way we were hoping or planning.

Two people in a relationship might question whether the relationship can continue for these, and other, reasons:

  • You might feel that you have different ideas from what the other person wants from a relationship
  • Your plans might change as time passes
  • You might question your personal safety in the relationship
  • Things in your life might change making it difficult for you to continue the relationship
  • You may feel as though your needs or expectations are not met in the relationship

Do I want a relationship?

All relationships go through changes. This is normal. Sometimes you might question whether you want to be in this relationship or not.

It might help to ask yourself:

  • Do I feel safe physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually in this relationship?
  • Are we listening to and meeting one another's needs?
  • Am I being respected and do we treat one another with respect?
  • Can we communicate openly and honestly with one another?


Thanks to REACHOUT who contributed to this factsheet. They have a great site for more information - http://www.reachout.com.au

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