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We have been working the Solomon Islands since 2010, including supporting a project to strengthen youth participation and empowerment in sexual and reproductive health. Since 2015, our work has focused on our cervical cancer programme, including screening and treating women in Guadalcanal, Isabel, Western and Malaita provinces. With ongoing support from Family Planning Australia, Solomon Islands is on track to have a nationally supported cervical cancer programme.

Population 660,121
Life expectancy 72 years
Cervical cancer mortality rate 17.9 per 100,000
Unmet need for family planning 25%
Contraception prevalence 27%
Physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence 63.5%
People living with disability 14%
Maternal mortality 114 (deaths per 100,000 live births)

"The information I got from the cervical cancer screening training provided me with greater skills in how to handle the specialized equipment and the more I see the cervix, it really gives me more confidence."


  • Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services
  • Solomon Island Planned Parenthood Association
  • SurfAid
  • John James Foundation
  • Australian Volunteers International
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