Family Planning Australia

Family Planning Australia has worked with the Tuvalu Family Health Association since 2012. We have supported Tuvalu through education programs to promote sustainable sexual and reproductive health outcomes, and provided capacity building training on disability inclusion in reproductive and sexual health. In 2019, we will begin implementing a cervical cancer screening and treatment programme across Tuvalu.

Population 11,147
Life expectancy 67.2 years
Cervical cancer mortality rate n/a
Unmet need for family planning 24.2%
Contraception prevalence 31%
Physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence 36.8%
People living with disability 4.5%
Maternal mortality n/a

"Before the training we had lots of unsatisfactory results; after the training we have had good outcomes, with less unsatisfactory results, so really improving our skills as clinicians."


  • Tuvalu Family Health Association
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