Safety, risk and wellbeing on digital dating apps

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Since the introduction of dating and hook-up apps, these social and sexual networking sites have been a familiar feature of young people’s lives, creating new opportunities for connection, interaction and communication; and giving rise to new risks as well as practices of self-care. However, a great deal remains to be learnt about users’ consumption and patterns of use, in order to inform Australian sexual health and relationship organisations’ education and health promotion delivery in relation to the app environment.

The Swinburne University of Technology, in partnership with Family Planning NSW and ACON Health, is involved in a collaborative ARC-funded study investigating the use of dating and hook-up apps by young people in order to better understand how organisations can better work in this space and develop appropriate interventions promoting sexual health and safety for digital dating app users.

The study is currently recruiting Australian young people (18-35 years) to participate in a survey:


Swinburne University of Technology

ACON Health

University of Sydney

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Kath Albury (Swinburne University):   

Jessica Botfield (FPNSW):   

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