Disability resources

Family Planning NSW has a range of disability resources that are used by people with intellectual disability, teachers, clinicians, disability workers, and parents and carers. Many of our highly regarded resources have been developed by our Disability Team. These ‘easy to read’ resources are thoughtfully illustrated to ensure people with intellectual disability understand and are supported when it comes to their reproductive and sexual health.

Featured resources

Disability Resource Collection


Family Planning NSW has an extensive Disability Resource Collection available for loan to people with intellectual disability and their support people, including parents and carers, disability workers, clinicians and students. The collection is made up of reproductive and sexual health resources produced by Family Planning NSW, as well as resources sourced from across the world. The collection can be accessed in person at our Ashfield centre or across NSW through our mail delivery service. Membership fees apply for borrowing from this collection.

To download the Disability Resource Collection catalogue, click here.

To join as a member of the Disability Resource Collection, or for more information about membership, click here.

Supporting decision making

Supporting decision making in reproductive and sexual health for people with disability. A tool to assist clinicians in supporting the decision making of clients with intellectual disability.

Family Planning NSW has developed a tool for clinicians to provide guidelines for supporting people with intellectual disability to make their own decisions relating to hteir reproductive and sexual health. There may be many issues to consider and it is not always easy for the clinican to think about the important decision making factors during the consultation. The tool can guide clinicians when supporting a client to make their own decision in a specific situation.

Love & Kisses

Positive images of people with disability are rare in the modern media, and positive images of people with disability in relationships are rarer still.

The Love & Kisses poster series illustrate various types of relationships to counter the invisibility and silence that people with disability often face in terms of their romantic and sexual lives.

To order your free posters or for more information click here.

This short video is an excerpt from Love & Kisses, a 43 minute DVD that takes a positive look at the intimate lives of people with disability. The DVD contains personal stories, told through drama and interviews, showing the joys and heartbreak of love, sex and relationships.

Sex Safe and Fun

Sex Safe & Fun book cover

Sex Safe and Fun is a resource to support people with intellectual disability to learn about safe sex messages. It has a booklet with pictures that gives information about ‘good sex’, ‘bad sex’ and the law.

It comes with a Reader’s Guide that helps support people to talk about the pictures and the key messages.

The language is simple and direct. To order your free copy or for more information click here.

About Masturbation

About Masturbation is an easy to read book that has been especially designed to help people with intellectual disability, staff and families with issues around masturbation. With an illustrated social story and notes to assist staff and families in educating about appropriate behaviour, organisations and families will find this a most useful resource.

The book comes in two versions (males and females). For more information click here. Browse other disability resources at the Family Planning NSW Shop here.


Fact sheets

Family Planning NSW fact sheets cover a range of reproductive and sexual health issues including ‘easy to read’ fact sheets for people with intellectual disability.

  • All About Sex - a series of fact sheets for people with intellectual disability and the people who support them.

  • Being a Healthy Woman - factsheets designed to assist women with an intellectual disability to understand life changes, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, or the need to see doctors when ill.

Click here for more factsheets on disability.

Outing disability - A photographic journey

Check it out here.

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