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Being a Healthy Woman Factsheets

The Being A Healthy Woman factsheets are designed to assist women with an intellectual disability to understand life changes, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, or the need to see doctors when ill.

It also provides a list of helpful resources that women with intellectual disability, their family members, carers or health care professionals can go to for help and advice. It can also be used as a teaching tool to help women with intellectual disability learn about their health.

These factsheets were produced by NSW Health, Family Planning NSW and the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing after extensive consultation with women with intellectual disabilities, their families, carers and support workers.

Being A Healthy Woman contains explicit language and illustrations for the purpose of teaching people with intellectual disability.


To download a factsheet, click on the links below:

  1. Asking Questions About You
  2. Breast Health
  3. Having Your Periods
  4. Deciding to become a Parent
  5. Getting Older
  6. Growing Up
  7. Healthy Eating
  8. Puberty
  9. Being Pregnant
  10. Close Relationships and Sex
  11. Feeling Sad and Feeling Happy
  12. Grief and Loss
  13. Being Healthy and Happy
  14. Menopause
  15. Safer Sex
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