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Welcome to the Family Planning NSW Disability website

Welcome to Family Planning NSW clinic

Family Planning NSW is a health service. We work to make sure everyone has good sexual health.

Sexual health is about:

Feeling good
Feeling good about yourself
Good relationships
Body changes
Changes that happen as you grow older
Save sex
Safe sex
Planning to have children
Planning to have children
Keeping private body parts healthy
Private body parts
Seeing a doctor
Seeing a doctor to stay well
Books and videos
The books and videos on this page will help you learn about how you can have good sexual health.
Asking for help
Some of the books and videos have some hard words. Ask somebody you trust if you need help.

All About Sex

All About Sex

All About Sex factsheets have information on different sexual health topics. Click here to see the factsheets and find the information that is right for you.

About Masturbation

About Masturbation for males and females

About Masturbation is a booklet with drawings and an easy English story to teach about masturbation and privacy. Click here to look at the About Masturbation booklets.

Love and Kisses

Love & Kisses DVD

Love and Kisses are video stories of people with disability in relationships and the different things that can happen in relationships like dating, sex and getting married. Click here to see the Love and Kisses videos.

Just Checking

Just Checking

There are three Just Checking booklets that talk about different health checks for keeping your private body parts healthy. Click here to look at the Just Checking booklets.

Condom pack

Sex Safe and Fun condom pack

This pack has a condom and lubricant inside. It tells you how to put on a condom. Click here to order a condom pack.

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