All About Sex

All About Sex 2013-COVER250pxw [all about sex 2013 cover250pxw.jpg]All About Sex is a series of fact sheets for people with intellectual disability and the people who support them. The fact sheets are easy to read and include illustrations to help people with intellectual disability learn about sexuality and relationships. The fact sheets cover a range of topics including bodies, relationships, sex, pregnancy and reproduction, sexual health and sexual assault.

Some people with intellectual disability will be able to read the fact sheets independently while others will need the support of a family member, teacher, support worker or advocate. The fact sheets have been designed to make it easier for support people to have conversations and provide information about sexuality and relationships.

All About Sex is available as a 108 page book from the Family Planning NSW shop for $10 plus postage. The fact sheets are also available for free download below.

New Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender factsheets! Only available online (futher down this page).

All About Sex contains explicit language and illustrations for the purpose of teaching people with intellectual disability.

Fact Sheets

Each fact sheet is available in PDF and Word format. Please note, the Word versions are text only and don't include any illustrations.

  1. Notes for family members, teachers and disability workers. Download PDF or Word
  2. Introduction to All About Sex. Download PDF or Word
  3. A woman’s body. Download PDF or Word
  4. A man’s body. Download PDF or Word
  5. Private and public. Download PDF or Word
  6. Puberty. Download PDF or Word
  7. Periods. Download PDF or Word
  8. Masturbation. Download PDF or Word
  9. Relationships. Download PDF or Word
  10. Having sex.  Download PDF or Word
  11. Safe sex and sexually transmissible infections. Download PDF or Word
  12. Contraception. Download PDF or Word
  13. Planning Pregnancy and Pregnancy Choices. Download PDF
  14. Pregnancy and birth. Download PDF or Word
  15. Menopause. Download PDF or Word
  16. Sexual assault. Download PDF or Word
  17. Private body parts - keeping them healthy. Download PDF or Word
  18. Lesbian. Download PDF
  19. Gay. Download PDF
  20. Bisexual. Download PDF
  21. Transgender. Downlad PDF
  22. Intersex. Download PDF
  23. Seeing a sex worker. Download PDF
  24. HIV. Download PDF
  25. Pornography. Download PDF
  26. Online dating PDF
  27. Resources. Download PDF or Word
  28. Where to go for help or advice. Download PDF or Word
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