Let's talk about screening

This support person's tool and conversation planning template has been designed to assist you when you are having a conversation about cancer screening. It contains information on cervical, breast and bowel screening and provides some tips and strategies on how to plan and have the conversation.

Support person's tool

Download the support person's tool


Conversation planning tool

Download the conversation planning template

Before getting started, you can practise planning a conversation using the case scenario below.

Let us check in with Molly and Brendan

  • Molly is a 55-year-old woman with a mild intellectual disability
  • She lives with her partner Brendan who is 60 years old and also has a mild intellectual disability
  • They went to their local doctor who suggested that it was time for both of them to have preventive cancer screening
  • The doctor gave Molly and Brendan three booklets called ‘Just Checking’ for them to read
  • They have asked you to help them go through the booklets, so they can make their decisions about screening


Now it's your turn. Using the support person's tool and the conversation planning template, plan a conversation about cancer screening with somebody you support.

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